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Which sports are good for your eyesight?

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Can I play sports if I have poor eyesight?

There are two different views on how sport affects eye health and whether it is possible to improve your eyesight by taking part in outdoor activities. Some believe that sport can really make you forget about your sight problems, while others argue that sport is not good for your eyes, as even schoolchildren with sight problems are excluded from physical education. Let’s take a closer look at this issue together.

It is well known that physical education helps to strengthen the body, making it healthier and more resilient. Physical activity improves blood circulation, which means that the body’s organs are supplied with oxygen. Blood pressure rises, adrenaline is released and the body stays alert and fit for longer. Moderate physical activity helps to relieve fatigue during the day, reduce stress, maintain and improve your figure, keep a clear mind and a positive attitude.

For many people, sport is a great hobby, a way to get away from it all, a distraction and a way to relax. With all these benefits, why are people sceptical about sport? Yes, because if you have vision problems, you should be very careful about doing sports. Sport cannot completely cure an existing condition, such as farsightedness or nearsightedness, but it can prevent future problems and strengthen visual function.

What sports are suitable for people with sight problems?

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Running, swimming, race walking, gymnastics, yoga and cycling are some of them. The advantage of these sports is that they do not cause a rapid increase in heart rate and overall stress on the body and are not high intensity. They promote relaxation and rest and are suitable for all patients, regardless of age or activity level.

In addition, most of the recommended exercises can be done outdoors, which helps to relax the eyes and improve vision. These sports, especially when combined with therapeutic eye exercises, not only have a preventive effect, but also stabilise existing conditions and gradually improve vision.

An effective way of strengthening the eye muscles is to play mobile games with a ball, such as badminton. It is necessary to focus the eyes on the desired object (in this case, a ball or racket) and alternately tense and relax the eyes. It is recommended that you practise for at least 30 minutes several times a week, but do not overdo it.

What should never be done?

Intense physical activity is contraindicated. This includes powerlifting, acrobatics, bodybuilding and gymnastics. If you already participate in sports, consult your doctor and exercise at a low to moderate intensity under the supervision of a personal trainer. Wrestling (boxing, sambo, etc.) is contraindicated.

These activities can increase intraocular pressure, eye strain and the risk of physical injury to the head or eye. If you have vision problems, you should be responsible about your choice of exercise. What people around you are doing may not be good for you. Even a brisk walk outdoors at a moderate pace can help instead of a sedentary lifestyle.