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What should you do if you have blue circles under your eyes?

blue circles under your eyes

Let’s break it down. The possible causes of this problem can vary, and the cause is not always related to one specific factor. Even if you do not have a hereditary predisposition to this problem, it is worth paying attention to the following.

Part 1: Sinuses

First, check the condition of your sinuses. If they are clogged with mucus, this could indicate lymphatic congestion. Since there are lymph nodes around the eyes, swelling may occur. In addition, the blue tint of the veins can cause a darkening effect under the eyes due to backflow of blood through the veins and lymph stagnation.

If this is indeed the problem, an effective solution may be the use of nasal decongestants. One effective option is royal jelly, such as cow’s milk, which not only helps clear the nose but also activates the immune system to fight allergies. It can be found in the supplement section of the drugstore. Drinking Mormon tea may also be an option.

Mormon tea is a beverage made from the ephedra plant. Although ephedra has been taken off the market because of its effects on adrenaline, Mormon tea has long been used as an herbal remedy that can help with a variety of problems such as nasal congestion, long-term pneumonia, asthma, and bronchitis. Its effectiveness has been known for two thousand years.

Under the condition of moderate use, under medical supervision, with blood pressure monitoring and avoidance during pregnancy, this tea can be considered relatively safe. It is especially useful in the morning to relieve the lymphatic system and soothe a runny nose.

Part 2: Diet, Liver Health

It is also important to pay attention to your diet, eliminating dairy and wheat products as they can contribute to sinus congestion.

Suppose you went to a restaurant and ordered a meal that included meat and sugar. Cleaning up your diet can help clear your breath and clear your sinuses.

Now let’s turn our attention to the liver. If you are detoxifying your body, or if toxins have accumulated in the liver, dark circles may also appear. The optimal remedy is simple milk thistle, which effectively fights liver damage. It is a safe and effective solution that does not cause the reactions common to detoxification.

It is important to note that some people taking milk thistle or probiotics may have an immune reaction that causes similar problems. When taking any product, including milk thistle, for the first time, it is recommended to start with a small dose. Milk thistle, on the other hand, does not cause similar concerns.

Part 3: Adrenal glands, allergies.

Let’s talk about the adrenal glands. When these organs are overworked, overstressed, or face lack of sleep, dark circles can appear under the eyes. This subject deserves special attention.

First of all, take more time for walks and avoid long hours in front of the computer. Regular walks reduce stress and have a positive effect on your overall health. Vitamin D plays an important role in supporting the adrenal glands and improving sleep. Daily walks in the sun also help reduce stress levels.

A diet rich in potassium has a calming effect. Potassium helps relax the body and eliminates excess sodium and fluid in the body, another cause of dark circles. Imbalanced potassium and sodium levels can cause swelling, although the skin itself may not darken.

Don’t forget to get enough sleep. Any efforts you make to improve the quality of your sleep will have noticeable benefits. Finally, don’t forget to get adequate and regular rest.

Another factor that can cause dark circles is allergies. If you suffer from allergies (which can also affect the condition of your sinuses), an increased intake of vitamin C can be an effective solution. Preparations such as formula are also active in fighting allergic manifestations, as are some other medications.

It is important to remember that the skin under the eyes is extremely thin and it is easy to see blue veins underneath, which can be perceived as blue circles under your eyes.

Follow our recommendations and observe the results.