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What is the expiration date of contact lenses?

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The number of people wearing contact lenses is increasing every year. Lenses are comfortable to wear, minimise the risk of eye injury, and are easy to store, use and wear. Therefore, it is important to know not only how to choose the right lenses to keep your eyes healthy, but also how to find out the expiry date of the product and replace them in time.

In this article, we will talk about the expiration date of contact lenses and the dangers of using expired products. Unfortunately, many people believe that lenses have no expiry date and can be used indefinitely. Some people choose to replace their lenses only when they no longer notice the visible effects of lens wear. However, it is wrong to rely solely on your own feelings.

Every lens has an expiry date, after which it becomes unsafe for your eyes

The standard shelf life for lenses is four years from the date of manufacture if kept sealed. The manufacturer guarantees the safety of the product until the expiry date. The expiry date is printed on the foil cap of the product in the format “year/month”. In addition, once the sterile saline package is opened, the package is no longer sterile and the lenses cannot be returned to storage.

 contact lenses

In addition to the expiry date, the following information is printed on the foil lid of the product:

1. Diameter of the lens,
2. Curvature of the lower surface,
3. Optical power of the lens,
4. Material of the product,
5. The name of the manufacturer and the brand of the lens.

To avoid unpleasant situations when buying lenses, check the expiry date of the product. After opening the manufacturer’s package, place the lenses in a special container and add physiological solution for storage.

Using lenses longer than the expiry date indicated by the manufacturer can lead to various eye diseases

Microorganisms and bacteria in expired lenses interact directly with the mucous membrane of the eye, causing irritation, redness, tearing and burning. If these uncomfortable symptoms are not removed, the irritation can develop into inflammation of the eye, pus formation and oedema. To avoid this, it is advisable to observe personal hygiene, check the expiry dates of products and related products and systematically consult a medical professional.