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Eye examinations

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Visual acuity is an ability of an eye to discern objects at a certain distance. This value may change depending on illumination, time of the day, physical characteristics of an eye, and acquired or genetic peculiarities. This value can also change greatly when a person grows older.

Why do we need to have regular eye exams?

eye examinationsAccording to the research, on average Russian people spend 3.5 months in a year in front of a TV or a monitor. Because of such eye strain people are advised to have comprehensive eye checks every year at the age from 18 to 65. Thus people can notice changes in their vision which developed with the course of time and take measures to eliminate negative changes as soon as possible.

It is also advisable to have eye exams for people who have or suspect eye diseases, had traumas, use corrective tools such as contact lenses. Visit your ophthalmologist is necessary before and after operation about general health issues, eye diseases, diseases of endocrinal, cardio-vascular or nervous systems. Eye exams are also comprehensive during general medical examinations, for example, when people are going to get a driving license or a doctor’s certificate.

Where can you have your eyes checked?

Today you can find numerous tests on the Internet allowing you to check your vision. However not all of them are accurate. Several factors can influence the eye exam results including the distance between eyes and the monitor or a printed copy, brightness and contrast of the screen, the font size, illumination in the room and common condition of the eyes. Besides, it can be impossible to determine the percent necessary for refraction anomalies correction using the provided text. In order to avoid false results you need to check your vision at an eye doctor’s office, and have a consultation with an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Nowadays many public and private clinics as well as optical stores have wonderful optical equipment allowing having eye exam quickly and accurately and determining necessary vision correction. During such sessions vision parameters are checked and necessary correction is determined, which can help to maintain perfect vision and prevent possible complications after incorrect correction.

eye examinationsWhen you visit your eye doctor it is necessary to tell the specialist about vision problems you may have, which occur either regularly or instantly. You need to specify at what time of the day you usually experience discomfort, which factors preceded this discomfort, and which factors make eye issues even worse. If you already wear glasses or contact lenses or have a prescription from your previous examination, don’t forget to bring them with you.

It is important not to make a self-diagnosis, as it doesn’t mean you can choose whatever glasses or lenses you like. Incorrectly chosen glasses can lead to eye diseases, complications, various health issues, fatigue, headaches, pains in the neck and thoracic spine, high blood pressure and performance decrement. Only eye examination results performed at a doctor’s office can serve as a basis for choosing lenses with optimal refractive power capable to correct vision. This only will guarantee eye health for months and years in future.