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Vision diagnosis. Methods, content and time required for vision diagnosis. What the patient receives after the diagnosis

vision diagnosis

Eye examinations are carried out in a separate room equipped with modern equipment according to international standards. Doctors (ophthalmologists or optometrists) have diplomas and certificates, have undergone training and internships and are constantly improving their level of specialisation.

The examination data is entered into an electronic medical record and stored on a computer. For the client’s convenience, it is also possible to monitor the dynamics of vision. The level of examination meets European standards, guarantees comfort and convenience, dynamic observation by specialists and serves as a specialised medical centre. At the end of the examination, the patient receives a medical prescription for the type of correction needed to maintain vision and a prescription for glasses or lenses, if necessary.

The examination consists of the following stages:

  1. Evaluation of the correction to be applied.
  2. Determining the balance of the eye muscles.
  3. Examination with an autokeratometer.
  4. Selection and refinement of the recommended correction, taking into account the client’s characteristics.
  5. Assessing the condition of the eye, prescribing new types of glasses or contact lenses.
  6. Prescribe the type of glasses lenses and additional coatings that can be applied to the lens (protective, polarising, hydrophobic or anti-reflective coatings).
  7. Recommendations for treatment and prophylaxis to maintain vision.
  8. Advice on the choice of frames and sunglasses.
  9. Selection of the most appropriate contact lenses
  10. Advice on the selection and use of contact lens solutions.
  11. Prescription of moisturising solution.
  12. Dynamic monitoring of vision and comfort after eyewear or lens fitting by a professional.

As a result of the consultation, the client receives answers to all questions, the type of correction and a prescription.