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The theory of seasonal colour types: how to choose the right colour for eyeglass frames?


There are four colour types in nature, the characteristics of which help us to know ourselves better and to understand which colours and shades suit us. Look at your eye, skin and hair colour and compare their characteristics with the descriptions below.

What are the four main colour types?

Characterized by contrast. Members of this type have dark black or dark brown hair with a cold tint, moist or bluish-gray eyes, very pale skin tone, possibly ceramic. In winter they have no freckles and are difficult to tan.

Autumn is characterized by a warm red-orange appearance. They have golden hair, warm skin and brown or green eyes. They also often have freckles and a light tan, which is usually uneven and patchy.

The most common type among Russian women and men. Spring’s skin is light, yellowish-golden, possibly with an olive tinge. She tends to tan easily. Her eyes are bluish-blue and gray. Her hair is reddish brown.

Pink-beige, light olive or ivory skin. The tan is even. Hair colour is similar to the spring type, but always has a cooler undertone in the summer. Eyes are gray-blue, green and dark brown.


Let’s get back to the original subject.

What colour eyeglass frames should be chosen for different colour types?

For winter, red, ruby, black and white are cold colours. Orange, green and brick red should also be avoided. Silver and cold platinum accessories emphasize the coldness of winter.

The situation is completely different in autumn. Warm orange, red, honey and chocolate tones are suitable for the golden season. The main thing is that the shades are warm. The finishing touch should be gold or bronze accessories.

Milk, caramel and chocolate tones are suitable for spring. White should be used with caution and is better replaced by ivory or champagne. Avoid sharp contrasts. Pearl and gold accessories look good in spring.

Pastels are ideal for summer. Lilac and gray, muted pink and blue. From bright colours: red wine and crimson tones. You should not avoid bright “toxic” colours – green and pink. White gold, silver and platinum are recommended for accessories.