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How to choose toric contact lenses

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Toric contact lenses are special lenses prescribed by an optician for patients with astigmatism. Properly fitted, toric lenses not only allow you to see the world around you clearly and without distortion, they can also completely eliminate astigmatism and restore your vision. In astigmatism, the lens changes from its normal spherical shape to an aspherical shape. This causes distortion that cannot be corrected with conventional lenses or glasses. Toric lenses create a single optical system in the eye and eliminate the distortion.

Indications for toric lenses

  • Cataract
  • Corneal surgery
  • Corneal erosion
  • 1-3 diopter astigmatism.

If the astigmatism is less than 1 diopter, the distortion is small and ordinary contact lenses are sufficient. If the astigmatism exceeds 3 dioptres, further treatment (surgery) is required. With an astigmatism of 1 diopter, it is impossible to wear ordinary contact lenses. This is because the lens slips when you blink or move your eye and cannot be properly placed in the eye due to the distorted shape of the cornea. As a result, the lens does not allow you to see well and the “picture” is distorted.

Toric lenses have a spherical cylindrical shape, are thicker than ordinary lenses, fit properly in the eye and do not distort the image. A simple test to check for astigmatism. If there are no errors, the lines in the image will be the same. With astigmatism, some lines are blurred and appear thicker than others.

Types of lenses for astigmatism:

1. Soft. Made from liquid polymer, they can correct astigmatic vision but are not suitable for treatment. They are comfortable for daily use and do not cause discomfort.

2. Hard. It is dense and thick. It not only corrects vision, but also provides adequate oxygen to the cornea. It is only worn during the day and causes some discomfort. They are used to treat astigmatism and are used for at least 6 months.

Toric lenses are made by different brands at different prices, each with different features. Toric lenses are available as daily disposable lenses and extended wear lenses. The lenses vary in oxygen transmissibility, construction and amount of material.

How to choose toric contact lenses?

It is not possible to choose toric lenses on your own. Age, eye condition, lifestyle, occupation and other nuances are taken into account. The choice of toric lenses is individual and should be made by an optician. The optician performs a computerized visual diagnosis and examines the cornea in detail. The lens parameters are then selected and the fitting process begins.

The optician must ensure that the lenses fit the eye correctly. If no mistakes are made during the fitting process, toric lenses will not only correct vision but also treat astigmatism. This is why this procedure should only be entrusted to a trusted specialist. You should not save money on toric lenses and look for cheaper products. It is better to choose high quality lenses that fit perfectly and then switch to regular lenses over time to get rid of the astigmatism completely.