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How to choose sunglasses: How to choose sunglasses according to your face shape?


How to choose sunglasses based on your face shape

Sunglasses protect the pupil and the light-sensitive cornea and correct vision defects. Sunglasses allow you to see the world better even on the sunniest of days, and prescription models allow you to see everything around you more clearly. Sunglasses have evolved from a health necessity to a go-to accessory that completes your look: you don’t have the power to choose 100% vision, but you do have the power to correct it and look stylish. Why not take advantage of it?

You don’t need a stylist. By simply choosing a shape that matches your facial features, you can protect yourself from the sun, improve your vision, and attract attention with style and grace.

Popular types of sunglasses
Fashion houses have long considered sunglasses an important element that can create different looks, hide flaws in facial proportions, and serve as a colorful addition to a closet. Some frames came to us from the last century. They have not lost their relevance today. Others have become a reflection of new popular culture. However, you should not blindly follow the trends. It is necessary to choose a model that suits your face. You can choose according to the shape of the model.



Aviator glasses are drop-shaped and were made for military and civilian pilots in the early 20th century. Aviators had a streamlined shape and provided excellent wind protection. They later became popular with the general public. This model did not cover the eyebrows and anatomically replicated the contours of the eye socket. Aviators are suitable for many people because their design corresponds to the basic parameters of facial symmetry. By experimenting, you can find a model that will fit almost any image.



If the “Aviator” is considered an unforgettable classic, then the Wayfarer is not so old, but in a short time it revolutionized the fashion world. It has a trapezoidal shape with a slightly rounded bottom and a sharply edged top. They are considered versatile for both business and casual wear.

Wayfarers are the first plastic-framed sunglasses. Light colors first appeared in the 60s of the last century.

John Lennon style glasses


Round sunglasses have been attracting attention ever since they were inspired by John Lennon’s signature style. Framed by a thin metal rim, the glasses have nothing to distract from the geometric shape. This model is suitable for both men and women. It is considered fashionable and very popular, but it does not suit all faces. You should not follow fashion trends and make sure that this option is just for you. For example, people with a round face should not choose this type of model. Everything is individual for each person. Lennon can be pulled out with the help of straight lines above the bridge of the nose. This gives the image sharpness and corrects the face correctly.

Cat’s eye


In recent years, the “Cat’s Eye” breaks records of popularity among other models of glasses. Cat’s eye is loved for its elegance and variety. The frame has an oval shape and the outer corners are pointed.

The Cat’s Eye can be narrow or wide. The length of the sharp corners varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.



The largest glasses. They can cover half of the face. They look like a rectangle with rounded corners. They are usually made of heavy plastic and are heavily blackened.



Not for everyone. Clubmasters have a frame only at the top. The frame is heavy and usually made of plastic. The lower part is left open. Sometimes it is framed with thin wire. The shape resembles a trapezium.

This shape is chosen by men. When women want to wear glasses with a specific frame, they usually wear similar “cats”.



Named in honor of the heroine of the film adaptation of Nabokov’s novel of the same name. Lolita wore heart-shaped glasses. The frame is made of plastic or metal, the colors – a field for fantasy. These models were created for girls with oval faces. However, as practice shows, the heart for different sizes can look harmoniously with almost any appearance. The rules of wearing are similar to those for people with a round face. This model cannot be called universal. It is more likely to complement a bright festive image or suitable for parties, meetings with friends or beach vacations. It is difficult to make such a face a permanent feature in the rhythm of everyday life.

General rules

Although only certain styles are appropriate for each type of face, there are some general rules that can help when shopping.

Frames that are too high hide the eyebrows and make the face look unnatural. At the same time, small frames “cut” and draw attention to flaws. They should be worn with a gap of 1-2 mm between the top and the brow line. The frame should emphasize the facial features and look harmonious.

Even if you like the frame, it may be too big or too small. The temples should be parallel to each other. If the temples are too close together, it can cause headaches. Large glasses can be easily identified by the way the temples are angled toward each other. They can slip when you move or fall off when you tilt your head.

Check the bridge. This is the bar that holds the glasses together and runs along the bridge of your nose. Inappropriate accessories can draw unnecessary attention to your nose and cause discomfort. If the bridge is high or above the bridge, the nose appears longer; if it is low, the nose appears shorter.

Face shape and appropriate eyewear


Glasses for a round face

A round face is a face whose width is approximately equal to its length. Unlike a square face, the angles of the jaw are not clearly defined. The hairline does not have pronounced angles or baldness, and the forehead can be high or low. The round shape of the face can be visually balanced by slightly lengthening the oval. Dark frames look harmonious.

Choose frames that are wider than they are tall. These include the classic cat’s eye, squares, rectangles, aviators and puttifarera.

Avoid round frames. Glasses that are too narrow also cut your attractiveness in half.

Glasses for oval faces

Oval faces are slightly elongated. In people with this face shape, the widest part of the face is the cheekbones. The chin is not pronounced and the jaw is not sharply angled, making the face slightly sharper. The forehead is usually prominent, high and broad, but harmonious. In general, the oval face is considered ideal, and such people are suitable for all glasses without exception.

For example, stylists recommend trying elegant, narrow models and warn against voluminous ones that break the harmony. It is best to choose a model that is the same width as your face or a little wider.

Oval aviators (we have paid attention to their variety for a reason) and cat-eyes will help to emphasize sophistication. Lennon” or square-shaped glasses will also work. It is worth avoiding sharp angles, heavy plastic and too thin models so as not to “cut” the look.

Frames for a square face

Unlike the round face, the square face has a more rigid profile. Its shape is defined by the prominent, sometimes slightly rough angles of the hairline and lower jaw. Accessories are needed to soften the high forehead and balance the chin.

Avoid sharp angles. Look for rounded or drop-shaped glasses. Experiment with bright colors. Frameless styles are also recommended.

Square or rectangular frames are not appropriate. The frame should match the width of the face.


The shape of the face is also slightly elongated. The cheekbones, forehead and chin are the same width as the square shape. The chin is sharply defined and the hairline is almost straight or slightly rounded.

For a more proportional look, it is necessary to “widen” the eyelid area slightly. This can be achieved with large, dragonfly-shaped glasses. You can also try aviators and various rounded frames, including Lennon. An original option can be an accessory of transparent glasses with frames in the tone of the skin.

Small glasses with narrow frames reduce rectangular faces and make them more angular.

Heart or diamond shaped face and the glasses that go with them

A heart-shaped face is also known as an upside-down triangle. The narrowest part of the face is the chin.

The width of the upper part is wide and should be balanced with the lower part. This is where drop-shaped frames can help. These include the Aviator, Bayfarer, and Lennon. Frames with thin bridges and no volume are appropriate. Frameless accessories and frames in light and neutral colors also work well.

Avoid sharp-edged frames, such as cat-shaped frames. Heavy, large glasses also overload the top of the frame.

Glasses for a triangular face

If you have a triangular face shape, where the top is wider than the bottom, try to balance the proportions to create a more balanced look. Cat-eye frames are available in all variations. Rounded accessories and frameless models also look good. Bright details and colors overload the image and cannot shift the emphasis. Accessories with sharp corners, square or rectangular optics are also not suitable. Frames that are too narrow can emphasize the wide upper part of the face, so it is better to avoid them.

Choosing eyeglasses based on the distance between your eyes

Another important consideration when choosing the shape and size of a frame is the distance between your pupils. Wide eyes need to be brought “closer together” to avoid strabismus. Bright accessories with a wide nose bridge can help. They can fill the “extra” space with volume and color. These stylish glasses add “vibrancy” to the image.

If the eyes are too close together, it is important not to reduce the distance even further. It is also worth paying attention to the bridge of the nose. The bridge should be nearly invisible. Choose a color close to the color of the skin, or choose thin metal connectors. Such techniques will draw attention away from the bridge and make a tight fit less noticeable. Do not wear thin “cat” glasses. Many believe that this helps to “lengthen” the eyes, but the opposite is true: thin glasses emphasize the eyes and draw attention to all the details.

Decorating sunglasses


Here are some tips for combining eyewear with jewelry:

  • Choose jewelry and eyewear that match in color. For example, if you have black frames, consider jewelry that matches black;
  • If you have very bright or decorative frames, make sure the jewelry is more subdued, and vice versa. Balance the level of embellishment between your eyeglasses and your jewelry;
  • Coordinate shapes and styles. For example, if you have round glasses, choose jewelry with soft lines to create a unified look;
  • Make sure the jewelry does not clash with the shape of the frames. For example, if you have very large frames, try to choose more subtle jewelry;
  • Consider the overall balance of volume. If your eyeglasses are large and prominent, jewelry can be more subtle, and vice versa;
  • Consider the style of your outfit. Glasses and jewelry should not only harmonize with each other, but with your overall look;
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with combining different styles and shapes. Sometimes unexpected combinations can create an interesting and memorable image.

There are no hard and fast rules for combinations. Trust your taste, your style, and your lifestyle. Here are some general tips for combining eyewear and other accessories. Whether you follow them or not is up to you. Since everyone’s appearance is different, there is a general scheme that may not apply in all cases.