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Dioptre Sunglasses


Dioptre sunglasses are ideal for people who need vision correction and UV protection at the same time. These sunglasses provide vision correction and warm weather protection at the same time, replacing everyday options. With these sunglasses, there is no need to buy and carry two different types of sunglasses. Convenience is the main reason for preferring these glasses.

When is it necessary to buy this type of sunglasses?

As you can see, this is especially important during the summer season when you’re on holiday and don’t need to take a set of different glasses with you. If you wear contact lenses and need to take a break from using them for personal or medical reasons, it is important to buy glasses with dioptres that will protect your eyes and prevent your vision from deteriorating.

If you plan to go out in the suburbs or on the ski slopes in winter, don’t forget to order a pair of sunglasses. Remember that even in winter, the sun’s insidious rays have an effect on your eyes that cannot be ignored. People with complex eye conditions need a good anti-reflective coating to reduce reflections and glare on the lens surface. Lenses with such filters can have normal and high refractive indices.

Lenses with dioptres can be fitted to any model of sunglasses, depending on your preference. Sometimes people around you may not realise that this model has dioptres, but it does. Therefore, such a model will not affect your appearance, on the contrary, it will enhance it. 

The best protection against UV rays is provided by a pair of glasses that cover the eyes and adapt to the shape of the face. Pay attention to how the sunglasses fit your face: they should not come off or change position when you turn your face. This is particularly important when choosing sunglasses, as light rays can enter your eyes from different directions.

Pay attention to the filtration level of your glasses. It is usually indicated on the lenses and may also be stated in the instructions for use. For adequate protection, it is recommended that you choose glasses with at least UV 380. Before buying or ordering glasses with dioptres, it is necessary to consult a specialist. You can choose the model of glasses and the frame yourself, but you will need the help of an optician to choose the lenses.